Potent and effective

Our ground-breaking research into crisis management and the impact of effective employee engagement revealed much about high performance leadership strategies and today steers a range of courses designed to bring out the very best in leadership practice and trade craft.

Combined with our knowledge of cutting edge human communication skills, all of our courses are fast-paced and experiential giving each participant the resources to enhance their leadership potency.

Leadership trade craft

Our expertise here is in developing in-house leadership programmes that not develop and hone leadership skills, but also address in real time the barriers preventing higher levels of performance.

Based on our successes and extensive experience with CEO training, coaching and on-going support our courses now encompass all levels of leadership including people newly promoted and new to the discipline.

Strategic support

The best leadership training is pretty much pointless unless the material affects change and growth both on a personal and professional level.

We understand the dynamics that influence the learning process all too well and are successful in employing a variety of methods to make the training events meaningful and in many cases life changing.

From formalised and regular update sessions through to comprehensive coaching and mentoring programs, our approach is process driven rather than just a series of events.