An eclectic blend of skills

What do you get if you cross the experience of over 20,000 face-to-face interactions and communications; the latest research from the fields of neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, and psychotherapy; and direct access to some of the World’s most prolific leadership and influence professionals?

Simple, you get us.

Paradigm shift

Our business was formed from innovations in sales training and delivery in perhaps one if not the most competitive global environments imaginable. Driving exceptional results, today our evolutions in sales growth strategy; sales and leadership training; executive coaching and culture change deliver unparalleled return on investment.


Strategies that work in the real world​

Our methodologies are all based around the premise that if it works, then do it and refine it; if it doesn’t work then drop it like a hot rock.

Our biggest successes have come from recognising that anyone, regardless of title and position, can become successful in selling and leadership with the right training, communication, and expert support. This opens up a whole new world where organic growth is the norm rather than exception.

Innovate and Lead

Globally emerging technologies in next generation marketing, consumer engagement, influence and message delivery are very often overlooked in the closed environment of boardrooms. We provide a wider health-check on your growth strategy and formulate plans that are more workable. If you haven’t got a reliable and predictable growth strategy, just call us.

A new confidence in your organisation

Our sales and communication training and coaching from CEO downwards has evolved rapidly over recent years and whether we are called in to rectify poor performance, or conversely as part of a strategic sales growth initiative, you will be purchasing a result and not merely a series of events.

''I Am The Greatest. I Said That Even Before I Knew I Was" Muhammed Ali

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